Penetrating so many secrets,
we cease to believe in the unknowable.
But there it sits nevertheless,
calmly licking its chops.*


My name is Emma Stamm.
I'm a writer, PhD student and instructor in Religion and Culture at Virginia Tech.
I also make music, build websites and stargaze whenever I can.
This site is under construction. Some of my work lives behind these links:

Words I've Published

    Crimson Ghost

    We Are All Anonymous

    Blockchain Revolution

    Quantum Identities

    404 Error Big Confusion

    Building A Cultural Dialogue Around The Permanent Web

Creative Odds & Ends

    (blog site)

    Vita Obscura
    (a video based on a research paper; more work on this forthcoming)

    Interface Hacks
    (a digital art gallery)

    Random Chris Marker Quote Generator
    (exactly what it sounds like)

    Jimmy's Day
    (a short video game)

    14/15 + causa sui
    (two albums of music)

Elsewhere Online


*from H.L. Mencken, who also said "men get into trouble by taking their visions and hallucinations too seriously. "

You can reach me via stamm[at]
You are welcome to use my public key.