Infinite Games

¡Ay dios mio!
My name is Emma. I write with words, code, & sound.

I also like:
higher dimensions,
sine waves,
dark forests,
and love.

If you like that stuff too, hopefully you'll enjoy these projects:

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The aim of philosophy is entering the game of truths and developing a necessary game-bias (being true to the game). But this is not a game in the sense of playfulness and adhering to a whim. It is a game insofar as it is a rule-based exercise without a referee in which rules can be revised through communal assessment. Reason is simply a name for the space of these rules which are neither natural laws nor socio-cultural conventions ... once the space of rule is put before oneself and its functional autonomy as a compulsive and transformative environment is acknowledged, it is possible for oneself, the collective or even humanity to become something other than what it currently identifies itself with.

Reza Negarestani

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